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I currently co-lead Intuit's professional tax accounting business, a $.5B part of Intuit’s Strategic Partnership Group. We're focused on helping accountants unlock the benefits of confidence, less work and more money for their clients. I lead a design team of 20 product and marketing designers across 4 geographies. I co-lead Intuit's design community and am a co-approver and steering committee member of the Intuit Design System. I sit on Intuit’s Horizon Innovation Program portfolio review committee. I've been selected for the advisory board for our in-house start-up, Sprout. I sponsor our local design thinking community, the Innovation Catalysts. I have previously worked for traditional and digital advertising agencies, and mobile consultancies all over Dallas. I've lent my experience to students at SMU, UTD and UNT. And I'm a graduate of the Visual Communications program at the University of Delaware.


Leadership Experiences

Building a killer design team. Building a prototyping culture. Building awareness and appreciation for design. Connecting with and learning from our customers to solve their wickedest problems. Delivering design at scale for our AI-Driven Expert Platform. Shaping the brand that communicates our value to customers.

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Team Culture




Design Week

Designing the Team to Design the Product & Marketing

I've spent 6 years recruiting, hiring, managing and retaining top talent. I did so by building a diverse pipeline, adopting a killer recruiting process and sweating the details to create a space and a culture where creativity thrives.

Making to Think, to Learn, to Tell a Story

I'm a huge believer that making prototypes is good for designers and non-designers. Making engages a more tangible part of your brain - and lends tangibility to the ideas we agree with in principle, but question the specifics. Prototypes drive behavior - and what people DO trumps what they say they'll do.

A site-wide celebration of Human Centered Design

In June 2015, I launched the first Design Week at Intuit, Plano. It has evolved into one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for our team - and always affords a variety of experts, experiences and opportunities to speak, make and learn.

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Relationship Design

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Intuit Design System



Enabling asynchronous data collection between Experts and their clients.

Over the six years I've been at Intuit, the two-sided problem I've been involved with through out - has been the wicked intersection of data exchange between Experts and their clients.

The Why, What and How of the Intuit Design System

The Intuit Design System's mission is to deliver data-guided Design & Code to accelerate and unify our AI-Driven expert platform.

Helping Early Career designers find their calling, their voice and their feet.

If you would like to spend 30 min discussing your portfolio, your ambitions and your options, you can find me and schedule an appointment on 


What I'm writing about

I use Medium to write periodic observations on what I'm thinking about and what I'm doing about what I'm thinking about. Generally I focus on information I hope will be helpful to designers and aspiring designers. I've included links to some of my most read and shared articles here.

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